Welcome to our garden!  We grow on a small parcel of land at an elevation of 1100 ft. over looking the Ukiah Valley. Our planting area has southern exposure with a few Oaks and a big douglus fir.  25 full season son grown plants are all we do.

We grow in a 20 x 60 ft. garden bed that is on a cut which was dug in the eightes during the building of our home. We expanded as of 2018 with twelve four-hundred gallon smarts. 

Our belief is that terroir along with the influences of  neigboring plants, cover crop and our inputs, gives our cannabis a great flavor and aromatics.

We use well water and store it along with rain water  during the winter months. We hand water to minimalize run off. We use liquid organics and top dress as needed along with teas for the nourishment and vitality of our plants.

We harvest in batches drying and curing then hand trimming all  of our flowers . We use our small buds for our smoking cones.  

With these ways we are working toward being sustainable in our farming practices.  

our goal is to offer cannabis that is clean and green



Ukiah Valley Appellation